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2 Bedroom House

Grand Rapids, MI
Conroe, TX
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Apartment Move - 120 cu ft, 1440 lbs, 26 boxes

Charlotte, NC
Hayward, CA
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M's 2 Bedroom House

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Preparing your Office for a Move

Moving into a new office is a time consuming task and can be very stressful. By preparing your office in advance and using uShip to find your perfect match in a professional office moving company, you can reduce the stress involved. Get a better look at what it costs to move an office and view past moving transactions as they happened by checking out our cost-to-ship page before you list your big move.

Try to plan your move so that it doesn’t interfere with work hours. Many office movers will be available on weekends and evenings to accommodate your business’ needs. There are a lot of major cities that will not allow you to move on weekdays due to traffic issues. On the bright side, this should also allow a few extra days to properly prepare the office and take care of last minute details outside regular business hours.

In order to ensure as little office down-time as possible, start preparing your office team in advance. On the day of the move all personal items and office materials should have been packed away, all computers should be disconnected and properly labeled. Any critical files or documents should be packed and stored separately and moved by you, your IT team or one of your trusted employees to lower any risk of unforeseen problems.

Creating an advanced layout for your new office will allow the office movers to proceed quickly with delivery and setup of your new location. Make sure you clearly label all boxes and computers, as well as have a plan in mind for where they will be placed on delivery day. When choosing an office moving company, make sure you check that they have all legal requirements, such as Department of Transport (USDOT) and Motor Carriers’ (MC) licenses. To ensure that your office is well taken care of during the move make sure you ask for references and read through any customer feedback on the company before making your decision.

In case of any unforeseen problems, make sure that you have talked to your insurance company about what is covered, as well as talking to the office transport company about their insurance coverage. This is particularly important if you are moving expensive electronics or machinery that are essential to your business. If you properly prepare your office and office staff for the move and find a great office relocation company, your move should go smoothly and your business can get back up and running with little to no interruption.

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