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Pet Shipping with uShip

Special care is required when transporting something as dear to you as your pet. For most pet owners, a pet is a family member and their safety is a primary concern. Whatever your reason for transporting your pet, from a household move to a shelter rescue, you'll want to take proper care when arranging your pet transport.

When you list the transportation of your pet on uShip our vetted pet carriers will then be able to bid for your business. To help you decide which transporter to book with, we have laid out each pet carrier's transportation history, customer reviews, and written feedback in their Carrier Profile. Review this information and research each prospective transporter before you book. Knowing you have chosen a transporter you can trust will help ease your stress when it comes time to hand over your family pets for transport.

Vetting Pet Transporters

Each pet transporter on uShip must be able to show proof of a positive pet transport history and agree to our best practices guidelines for pet shipping. Our Trust & Safety team speaks to each transporter personally about these guidelines and is there to hold them accountable should any complications arise.

If you're interested in transporting pets through the uShip marketplace, visit our Best Practices for uShip Pet Shipping page and make sure you can meet all of our requirements for pet transporters.

Planning for Your Pet's Transport

It is important to plan ahead when moving with your pet so that you can ensure your furry friend arrives safely. Whether you choose to ship your pet by air or ship your pet by car, you will need to acquire an appropriate travel kennel to ensure their comfort and safety during transit. Take a look at our cost to transport a pet page to view past pet transports and get yourself familiar and comfortable with the whole process.

How to Ship a Pet

You’ll need a good kennel, bedding, provisions for food and water, any medications, and it’s best to obtain a health certificate from a vet prior to travel. Next, use uShip to find a professional transporter that specializes in dogs. Simply create a listing to receive bids, choose a transporter you trust, and organize the details.

Pet Shipping Checklist

  • Travel Kennel
  • Bedding
  • Food and Water
  • Medications (if any)
  • Records - Health, Shots, Breed Certs, etc.
  • Identification - on Collar and/or Microchip
  • Collar and Leash
  • Emergency Contact Info

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Pet?

The typical cost to ship a pet is $180 - 420 from analyzing 1300 animals shipped between 300 to 2000 miles in the last few months. Costs of course vary from one shipment to another.

International Pet Transportation

Additional care must be taken when shipping a pet internationally. International pet transport professionals can help you understand any paperwork necessary to make sure your pet is able to accompany you overseas. Whether you require domestic or international service, when choosing a pet transporter, always verify the transport company's licenses and ask for references for added peace of mind.

Top Pet Transport Companies

JRB Express

462 reviews


434 reviews


280 reviews

Bluecast Transport/Driveaway Services

154 reviews

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