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ATV Shipping With uShip

Shipping an ATV is similar to transporting a car, it requires a lot of care and time to make sure transport runs smoothly. uShip can help you get rates from the best ATV shipping companies, help you figure out how to ship your ATV and give you tips along the way. If the terrain gets too rough, don’t worry, just contact us.

uShip’s marketplace makes it easy to get your new ATV safely delivered to you, within your budget. Create your shipment listing with your needs, the make and model of your ATV and be as detailed as possible. When your listing is complete, transporters who specialize in shipping ATVs will send you quotes as they compete for your business. This ensures you get the best shipping rate for your ATV.

How to Ship an ATV

Ship an ATV in three easy steps with uShip!

1 | Create Your Listing

When you are ready to get quotes on your ATV transport, start by creating your listing with uShip. You’ll want to have a few things ready, like the make and model of your ATV and the dates and locations for pickup and delivery. You may want to include some photos as well so the transporters can see what they may be hauling. Consider what kind of ATV trailer you'd prefer. Enclosed transport means your ATV will be in a box truck, protected from the elements while in transit, but may cost more than open transport. Open transport is the cheapest ATV shipping option.

Person unloading red ATV after transport
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2 | Choose The Best ATV Shipping Company

After your shipment listing is complete, you will start getting rates from ATV transporters as they compete for your business. They’ll see your listing and what kind of transport service you’re looking for, your timeframe and what kind of ATV you’re shipping. As the quotes come in, you’re able to talk to the carriers directly and ask them questions.

Each ATV shipping company on uShip has their own carrier profile with their transport history, safety records and customer rated feedback. We strongly encourage reviewing the profiles of the transporters as they give you shipping quotes. Most ATV transporters will have photos of their trailers, so you know what your ATV will be hauled on. You can also see all of their completed shipments through uShip and the feedback their previous customers had for them. The more you know about your transporter, the more confident you can feel about going with the best ATV shipping company.

3 | ATV Shipping & Delivery

Once you’ve selected your transporter, contact them directly with any additional details, concerns or questions you may have about your shipment. Provide your ATV transporter with any additional contact information for third parties who may be involved in the pickup or delivery of your shipment. Be sure you prepare your ATV for safe transport. Have payment ready at the agreed upon time and let us know if you run into any issues or need any additional assistance.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship an ATV?

ATV shipping cost varies based on distance, timeframe and service type to ensure the safest transport. On uShip, the average cost to ship an ATV is $300 to $500 for long distance transport and $100 to $300 for short distance transport.

For a closer look at ATV shipping rates, check out our cost-to-ship page. There, you can view previous ATV shipping transactions and get familiar with the uShip process. Ready to get quotes directly from carriers? Create your listing for your ATV shipment.

Shipping an ATV Cross Country

When deciding to ship your ATV cross country, the best decision you can make is choosing a reputable carrier. Although shipping an ATV cross country or long distance is possible to do on your own, using a professional service helps to ensure the safest transport for your ATV. Additionally, depending on the destination and distance, have peace of mind that your ATV will arrive secured.

How to Prepare Your ATV for Transport

It’s a good idea to take the proper precautions and make sure you are completely ready for shipping your ATV when the carrier comes.To do that, it is recommended that you have your ATV prepared prior to transport. The following are some helpful tips you can do to ensure your ATV shipment goes smoothly:

  • Wash your ATV
  • Inspect it for any dings, scratches, or dents.
  • Document any marks, mechanical issues or leaks your ATV may have.
  • Take high quality photos from various angles.
  • Check to make sure all lights are properly working.
  • Prepare any documentation you may need for transport or transfer of ownership.
  • Remove all personal items and accessories, if possible.

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