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What is a Cross Country Move?

A cross-country move consists of moving from coast to coast, state to state, or across the country, which can be a large task to handle. uShip helps to ensure that moving cross-country is easy, fast, and consists of reliable carriers!

Cross Country Moving Made Easy

Whether you need state-to-state movers or cross-country movers, any long distance move can be stressful, but there is a better way! With uShip you can save time and money on your next big move. We’ll help you figure out how to do a cross country move, help you get cheap moving rates from trusted companies, and give you some tips along the way. If you need help, just let us know, and we’ll lighten the load.

uShip allows you to quickly place all of your household items in a single listing on our marketplace. From there, your listing will be available for customer-rated interstate movers to provide you state to state moving rates as they compete for your business. This unique process ensures you are getting great movers without overpaying for it! Customers save an average of 50% by listing their long distance moves in the uShip marketplace.

How to Move Cross Country

Two movers placing chairs next to moving boxes

State to state moves in just three easy steps!

1 | Create Your Listing

The first thing to note is that there is a difference between local and long distance moving companies. You'll want to be certain to list all the details of your move to ensure you only receive quotes from national movers. The next step is to take a complete and detailed inventory of the items you need shipped. Particularly the number of items, such as boxes, crates, dressers, etc. along with their approximate weight and dimensions. If you aren't sure about the actual weight or dimensions of your items that’s okay, just make a best-guess estimate. The more information you provide, the more confident moving companies are about giving lower prices. It's also a good idea to notate items that require special attention, such as a safe, piano, fine china, or any other valuable or fragile items so that moving companies can prepare themselves with any necessary specialty equipment. Next, you'll want to think about moving services, and decide whether you would like white glove moving service or if you'd prefer a more traditional moving experience, and include that in your listing. Be sure to provide your specified moving dates to make sure only available moving companies are competing for your business. Completing these extra steps helps long distance movers better plan for your move and ensures that you will be get the best estimates specific to your moving needs.

2 | Choose the Best Long Distance Moving Service

Once you have completed your listing, you will start getting quotes from cross-country moving companies. They’ll be competing against each other for your business. As the quotes come through, you can ask the moving company questions directly about their services. We also encourage you to review their carrier profile.

Moving companies on uShip have their own carrier profiles with their moving history, safety records, and customer rated feedback for your review. Every long-distance moving company should have a Motor Carrier (MC) number associated with their profile. This identifies them with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which tracks their safety records. You can also see what kind of cross country moves they have done in the past, as well as the experiences their previous customers had with them. Between talking to the moving companies and reviewing their carrier profiles, you can be sure you’re choosing the best long distance moving company.

Two people's legs by a dog in a house with moving boxes
Two movers removing a TV in an apartment

3 | Cross Country Moving and Delivery

After your moving company is selected, contact them directly with any additional details about your move, questions you may have, and concerns. Communicate with them on moving day and arrival, and share any contact information for additional parties involved. This will help make a smooth move even easier. Have payment ready at the agreed upon time and please let us know if you have any trouble communicating with your movers. We are here to help before, during, and after your long distance move.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Long Distance Movers?

The cost for state to state movers varies greatly depending on the size of the move, the distance, the moving service, and the price of gas or diesel. The average cross-country moving quotes to move a two or three bedroom apartment is $1.58 per mile, while the average cost to move a four or five bedroom house cross country is $3.28 per mile.

For a closer look at what it may cost for your long distance move, check out our cost to move page. There, you’ll see cross country moves completed through the uShip marketplace and get a better idea of how we work. There are plenty of ways to make your long distance move cheaper and easier on you.

Insurance for Your Cross Country Move

Moving insurance is a must have, especially for a long distance move. Being comfortable with your insurance coverage is critical during a move. You should be prepared and protected through your insurance coverage. All household moving companies are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance. Coverage varies from each long distance mover, so be sure to ask for each company’s specific policy. The basic policy is often outlined in the carrier’s uShip profile, but they should also provide you with a written proof of their insurance coverage. This document is called a Certificate of Insurance. Don't accept a moving company's quote without knowing how you are covered and don't be afraid to ask them about their coverage, its expected.

Cross country moves transported through uShip are eligible for uShip Cargo Insurance. When accepting a quote, you have the option to purchase additional coverage. This policy is all-risk covering approved goods against damage, lost or stolen claims subject to the terms and exclusions of the policy.

Long Distance Moving Tips

  • 1. Insurance coverage and how your items are being protected
  • 2. Permit requirements (check for MC Numbers)
  • 3. The more flexible the dates, the cheaper the moving rates
  • 4. Decide on a budget
  • 5. Review our guide to cross country moving

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