Prohibited and Restricted Items

Prohibited Items: Hazardous or dangerous goods are items that may pose a danger to health, safety, or property while being transported (such as explosives, radioactive materials, flammable gases and solids, and toxic substances). Hazardous goods that cannot be shipped through the mail or commercial carrier are not allowed on uShip. The few hazardous materials that may lawfully be transported under certain conditions (if they are properly packaged and labeled) may be listed on uShip - provided that the listing contains a clear notice of the hazardous nature of the material and a description of the planned method of shipping that complies with the law. For details on particular hazardous substances and transportation requirements in the US, see the U.S. Postal Service Publication 52. Restricted Items: Items considered restricted or perishable by the U.S. Postal Service generally do not pose a danger to health, safety, or property while being transported, but their transport is regulated or banned for public policy reasons. Generally, restricted or perishable items that may be lawfully transported by mail or common carrier are permitted on uShip (see U.S. Postal Service Publication 52 for additional details). Full responsibility rests with the sender to comply with all postal and nonpostal laws and regulations in the mailing of hazardous, restricted and perishable material. Anyone who sends, or causes to be sent, a nonmailable or improperly packaged hazardous material can be subject to legal penalties (i.e., fines and/or imprisonment), including but not limited to those specified in 18 U.S.C.